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Research, Preparation and Numbers

Design is our playground. While we create an awesome experience, we like having fun, but a successful NFT project launch is not just about attracting the audience, it is also about having an idea of how to keep them engaged. Moreover, thanks to the transparency provided by blockchain technology, community members can fully track all stages of the launch and make sure that their interests are protected.

Opening a successful NFT project takes proper research and preparation. Let’s talk numbers:

The common conversion rate of turning fans into buyers is 7-10%. In other words, you need 10 000 fans interested in whitelist spots to hit that 1000 buyer number.

According to data circulating the web 2.0, NFT sales hit a whopping 25 billion in 2021. The majority of the NFTs currently available on blockchain platforms were launched within the last two years. In fact, there were only about 30 projects before Q4 2017 and more than 220 in 2019 Q1.

Opensea: NFT sales on Opensea pick in August

Checklist for launch:
  • High-fidelity art and animations
  • Gas optimized smart contract
  • Doxxed team
  • Build an engaged community on Twitter and Discord
  • Share a clear roadmap
  • Reach out to other NFT projects and consider cross-promotions
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